Creativity and the art's are a passion of mine. I  have a heart to bring encouragement back into the world through everyday reminders. Because of this, hand lettering drew me in from the moment I    saw it. It has a way to display words and truth in a beautiful inspiring way.

It has been 3-years since I  picked up a sharpie, paper and a few pins from Pinterest, and stared to use hand lettering as my "self-care" outlet to get me through graduate school. Hand lettering also became a practical tool to help me through my personal depression and anxiety. The process of learning has been frusterating and full of joy at the same time.


You might be wondering how something as simple as hand lettering cold possibly teach you anything about life, love, yourself and God. The truth is, it has a lot to do with it! I have learned to give myself grace by throwing away comparison, ditch the box, and not only write words and phrases, but believe in them. Simple melodies and words soon became daily reminders of hope, perseverance, deliverance, breakthrough and the faithfulness, goodness and love of my Heavenly Father.


 As my journey in graduate school progressed and finances were tight, prints and lettering for my own home decor now became birthday, Christmas, and those "just because" gifts for friends and family. Through trial and error, I wanted to encourage and share my passion with others.

No matter where you may find yourself in life, embrace the process of creativity. 


Allow your creativity to pour out through imperfection, be passionate for what you do, and fearlessly go after what you love. You may not understand what that looks like at this present moment, but find your style, ditch the box, and if you mess up, make sure you mess up really big! It is worth it. You are worth it. Grace works best in messy people.

My prayer is that you find something to believe in again. Maybe you need simple daily reminders like these to get you through a dark season, or perhaps to remind you to never forget how faithful God has been to you through the chaos. Whatever the case may be, there is wonderful joy ahead.


Mini Print
8.5 x 11
You Set A Table in The Middle of My War
8.5 x 11
You Breath Life Into Every Dream and Cause Me To Hope
8.5 x 11
You Find Joy In Broken Praise
8.5 x 11
Praise Before My Breakthrough
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