I love a handful of really important things. 


I love Jesus. I am absolutely that girl. I feel so tender toward Him, always living and breathing from a state of wonder. Everything about the heart of the Father moves me: the way He loved and welcomed the misfits, the subversive way He challenged religion, how He turns something broken into beautiful, His teachings that managed to stay perfectly relevant for 2000 years without adding and or omitting, the cross. Simply everything. I often think that if people don't love Jesus, they just don't know Him.  He is the standard to which I hold up everything: Kingdom living is the best living. 


I love words. Words are my first love, because they matter. Words actually change lives, move people, declare hope, affirm our identity, and sustain us. They take us on a journey of telling a story; bring meaning to ordinary imperfectly perfect moments. Whatever you need, words can deliver: laughter, solidarity, encouragement, thrill, courage, silliness, and more importantly life to dead dreams. Every single day I marvel that I get to make a living with listening, presence and words. I desire to always make them count. 


I love people. The messier, the crazier, the further out of the box, the better.  Maybe that’s why God called me to be a therapist. I understand God’s love best through people; their gifts and strengths, their love and compassion, their character and courage, their narratives and trauma.  I sincerely believe we were made in God's image, and when I evaluate the goodness of people, I love and desire the Father’s heart more. I crave a world of justice where people are safe, loved, healed, shame free and empowered. I plan to use whatever influence I've been given on behalf of edged-out people for all my days. If I loved well, I will consider my entire life a success. 


I love praise and worship. This is where I fight my battles (insert song tune). Literally, so many of my darkest moments were fought through praise and worship. I desire to go to war for people’s lives and see them overcome the enemy through declarations of who God is. I desire to see breakthrough for every person I minister to, I just want each person to see that GOD IS GOOD! I believe declaring God’s word through our praise and worship in the midst of uncertainty, pain, tragedy, and even when things are great, invites beautiful transformative life changing encounters as true son’s and daughters. 

I  love my husband. Woah, it feels so good to say that! We got married September 27, 2019-- the absolute best day ever. He was definitely worth the wait. Thirty years, I’ve waited for this moment. He’s my favorite gummy worm eating, silly joke teller, movie goer, Jesus loving, passionate loving, best friend for life. I had no idea what God was doing when He brought him into my life. He is one of the most patient, caring, thoughtful, selfless, Godly and goofiest person on the planet. His joy is contagious, he speaks life over me in every situation and his love is my honor. Oh, and did I mention..the way he loves Jesus, and serves others is my favorite. Everyday has been a gift with him. Everyday i'm learning, growing and finding new things out about myself and him. It has been one of the greatest joys being married, i'm still trying to figure this thing out some days, but aren't we all? Our story is imperfectly perfect, messy, long, beautiful, but refined. We're passionate about seeing other young couples and adults discover and grow into their God-given identities, find purpose, process the pain, and thrive into their futures as sons and daughters of Christ. We're excited and expectant for what 2020 is going to bring! 

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