Lacey carries the call to declare God's goodness, freedom and healing with contagious passion and love. Whether through worship, writing or speaking, her style wraps words and pictures around what it's like to live honestly, confidently and closely connected to the Father's heart.

 Lacey is first-time published author, provisional licensed professional counselor, national board certified counselor, worship leader, songwriter and conference speaker. Lacey has had the opportunity to travel the country ministering in song and the word at conferences and local churches. 

In addition to leading worship and speaking, Lacey works full time in her private practice providing professional counseling services to women suffering from various issues. Lacey specializes in working moderate-severe mental illnesses, shame and attachment disorders, trauma, and survivors of human trafficking. 


She is a Kansas City native, she enjoys photography, modern calligraphy design, fitness and coffee. Lacey and her husband currently serve as the Worship and Youth pastors at NewLife Ministries, Kansas City, Missouri, and is passionate about advocacy and legislation against abolishing modern day slavery


If you are like most people, you long to be recognized, hunger to be included and want to feel part of something greater than yourself. Living in a fast-forward culture, it's easy to feel overlooked, forgotten or uninvited. We know God has more for us, but it seems like the cares of daily life steal away our time with the Father. If we are not careful the courage to live out our dreams will slip away. 


In this 312 page devotional, Lacey Mings and fifty-one other women share life altering stories private moments of faith and encouraging words of truth. Each day's reading will inspire you to push away lies that make you feel unloved, less than or unworthy. Within the first week of reading this book, you will begin moving down the path to reclaiming your confidence.